Sign In FAQ
Why do I need to sign in?

The nutritional information you create is stored on our servers. We need to create an account for you in order to store that information. You can use a temporary guest account, or create a permanent account.

What is guest sign in?

Guest sign in allows you to use the application anonymously. Not all application features are enabled and you can only access your guest data on a single device. Your guest data is automatically deleted if your guest account is inactive for 30 days. Your guest data is lost if you clear the application's cache or uninstall the application.

What is account sign in?

Account sign in accesses your permanent account. The first time you sign in an account is created automatically. A permanent account allows you to access your nutritional information from any device and enables application features that are not available to guest users. You can sign in using your existing Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, or Yahoo account.

How is it that I can use an existing account from somewhere else to sign in here?

This works thanks to a well established industry standard called OpenID. It saves you from having to create a new username and password with every new internet service that you find interesting. This is the most secure method of internet sign in that is available to both you as a user, and us a service provider.

What if I don't have a sign in account somewhere else?

That's no problem. Select the "Sign in with email" option and use whatever email address you do have to create an account.

What happens to the password that I enter when I sign in?

The OpenID providers are the owners and managers of your password. For example, if you sign in with your Yahoo account then only Yahoo sees your password. We never see your password, we never receive it or transmit it, and we don't store it anywhere. Accounts created using the "Sign in with email" are the same and are managed by Google.

Do you access my contacts, or any other information associated with my account?

No, we do not access your contacts. The only purpose for your sign in is to authenticate your identity. We save your name, email address, and a photo url after you sign in, that's all.