WellBalancedMeal Terms of Service
Terms of Service - Description of Service
  1. WellBalancedMeal is a consumer nutritional analysis, meal planning, and food journaling application. It is provided for end user personal information and education.

  2. The WellBalancedMeal application is available as a web application suitable for use with modern web browsers, or as a mobile application for phones and tablets.

  3. The WellBalancedMeal application is available for free or by subscription. The free option shows advertisements on mobile devices. The subscription option removes advertisements on mobile devices. No advertisements are displayed when the application is running in a desktop web browser.

  4. Your nutrition data remains available to you forever. Nutrition data means all types of data that you create using the application: nutrient profile, log entries, favorite items, labeled items, recipes, meals, meal plans, and user connections. Guest account user data is excepted and is removed after 30 days of account inactivity.

  5. The WellBalancedMeal nutrition database is proprietary, derived from USDA public domain data, and has been optimized for ease of use.

Terms of Service - Subscribers
  1. A WellBalancedMeal "Ad Free" subscription purchased on one device will remove advertising on all devices, and on all platforms.

  2. A subscription is associated with the most recent WellBalancedMeal user account sign in on the platform where the subscription was purchased. If a WellBalancedMeal subscriber changes their WellBalancedMeal account sign in then the subscription moves to the new sign in account.

  3. Subscriptions are billed through the subscriber's Google Play or Apple iTunes account depending on which platform was used to complete the purchase Apple iTunes account Google Play account.

  4. When a subscription expires: i) all user data remains intact and available, ii) the application returns to showing advertising.

  5. Subscriber support is provided by email.

  1. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  1. Please send us an email. Subscribers are encouraged to use the email link provided in the Store section of the application. Using this link provides us with account information that will help us answer your question.

1 January 2020